We are pleased to offer 48 hour bike tune-up services. This turnaround time is offered at both the 203 Richmond Rd (Westboro) and 5607 Hazeldean (Stittsville) stores. No appointment needed. *An exception to 48 hour turnaround time would be limited to specialized parts required for repair, we will confirm this with you upon check-in. We want you to ride your bike not wait for it to be serviced!

203 Richmond Rd (Westboro) 613-792-1170 or 5607 Hazeldean (Stittsville) 613-831-3604 

Do you have some general questions about bikes?   Check out our Cycling FAQ’s


*Winter service special ends March 1, 2017.

To receive qualifying Bushtukah bucks you must pickup your bike

within 48 hours of being notified that your bike tune has been completed.



Basic $75

  • Light clean and lube of bike
  • Tires inspected and pressure checked
  • Full adjustment of gears and brakes
    • Including adjustment of cables, housings and brake pads
  • Full bike safety inspection
  • Minor wheel true
  • Minor parts/accessories installation

Annual $120

Includes a Basic Tune plus:

  • Remove and degrease Drivetrain in BioCircle Parts Washer
  • Full inspections and adjustments (Headset, Hubs, BB etc.)
  • Wheels Trued
  • Major parts/accessories installation or replacement

Rejuvenation Tune $225

Includes a Annual Tune plus:

  • Disassembly, clean and lube
  • Headset, bottom bracket and hub overhaul
  • Rebuild and adjustment
  • New cables and housing
  • New black bar tape (road)
  • Brake Bleed (Mountain)

We can do repairs and adjustments for most any make and model of bicycle!

Bottom Bracket Installation(Frame Only)$42

Brake Job (Front and Rear)$35

Brake Job (Single)$20

Chain Cleaning$15

Drivetrain (Clean or Installation)$36

Flat Repair$13

Fork Coil Spring/Elastomer Fork Service$44

Fork Major Service$85

Gear Job (Front and Rear)$35

Gear Job (Internal)$70

Gear Job (Single)$15

Headset (Installation)$40

Headset (Overhaul)$32

Hub (Adjust Front)$13

Hub(Adjust Rear)$13

Hub(Overhaul Front)$22

Hub(Overhaul Rear)$27

Hydraulic (Bleed)$30

Hydraulic (Caliper Overhaul)$60

Hydraulic (Install, does not include bleed)$25

Hydraulic (Line Installation)$40

Install (Aero Bars)$50

Install (Brake Levers)$15

Install (Cables/Housing)$15

Install (Cassette/Freewheel)$10

Install (Crank Set)$40

Install (Disc Brakes)$40

Install (Fenders)$20

Install (Fork)$35

Install (Front/Rear Derailleur)$25

Install (Left crank arm)$10

Install (MTB Handlebar)$20

Install (MTB Rim Brakes/Canti Brakes)$30

Install (MTB Shifters)$17

Install (Pedals)$10

Install (Rack)$10

Install (Road Brakes)$20

Install (Road Handlebar)$40

Tape Bars$22

Install (Road Shifters)$25

Install (Saddle)$10

Install (Stem)$25

Install Computer (Single or Wireless)$12

Install Computer (w/ Cadence Sensor)$35

Install  Tire (Single, Tubeless)$20

Install Tire (Single, Wheel off bike)$13

Install Tire (Tubular)$70

Minor Tune$75

Major Tune$120

Rejuvenation Tune$225

Wheel Build$60

Wheel True (Minor, Front or Rear)$22

Wheel True (Major, Front or Rear)$40

Hourly Labour Rate$75

Other services also available.

Our tech shop uses the BioCircle cleaning system for parts cleaning and degreasing. Environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, without using solvents or harmful chemicals.

Bike Fittings

Please Click Here for more information on our Bike Fitting Services.